1. Increasing the confidence of young adults from disadvantaged groups in their own ability to overcome future challenges in finding employment; directly challenging negative cycles and improving expectation and confidence about work and employment; deepening individuals’ knowledge and understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to work and employment; Contribute to creating favourable conditions for offenders to move forward and achieve what is important to them; Increase awareness of the value of future career prospects; Encourage participants to look closely at their own skills and abilities. The aforementioned project outcomes will directly result from the participation of the target group in the pilot phase.

2. Increasing educators’ awareness of the importance of the employability process and its links to issues beyond the integration of young adults from disadvantaged groups.This result will emerge from:

– the direct exchange with professionals working with disadvantaged young adults

– from the participation of those indirectly interested in the joint work with the 4Talents programme and from the opinions of professionals in contact with disadvantaged young adults.

– Direct beneficiaries participating in the training activities

3. Improved level of specialized educators and their trainers with:

– new knowledge in the practice of employability through 4Talents programme in Europe,

– new competencies in identifying risk situations in disadvantaged young adults from communities,

– new abilities in adapting work-practice in order to comply with regulations in the area, best practices available and needs of the involved young adults from disadvantaged group.

This result appears as a consequence of the professionals taking part in the staff training activity and piloting activities related to training package for professionals from DISTAL programme.

4. Strengthened institutional capacity of 8 organizations by their direct involvement in the workshops for good practice, multiplier events and their access to all project outputs and experts. This will be a result of the networking and and partnership experience we will provide for the project period and after.