About Us

4Talents tackles their lack of motivation by taking a strategically different approach; it maintains that even if an individual has no formal qualifications, experience has ensured that he or she has already acquired a series of life skills. The program assists in the identification and naming of these skills, enabling the individual to see then a place for him/herself within the employment market from which, they believe, they are excluded. Disadvantaged young adults are a problem modern society often has to face.

Statistics show a clear link between a lack of education on the one hand and unemployment, dependency and poverty on the other. This means that all citizens must constantly update their knowledge and skills through lifelong learning – those, who do not do this, are at risk of social marginalisation. Already existing education and training possibilities for unemployed people, especially for young adults with specific needs, are neither specific nor flexible. They do not respond to the needs of the labour market, nor do they promote personal development.

In this sector of society, one of the main barriers to employment is the lack of motivation. A key action for young people is to clarify their career path, find their strengths and talents to ultimately find a job.